Maintain Alignment

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You can't get sick enough to make sick people healthy.

You can't get sad enough to make sad people happy. 

You can't get angry enough to make angry people calm.

You can't get anxious enough to make anxious people relax.

You can't feel ashamed enough to make ashamed people secure.

You can't get poor enough to make poor people rich. 

It is especially in your thriving 

-- whether Doing or Being -- 

that you can benefit others. 

                                     State change within you, cultivated often enough, can become a Station!

                                     I offer this Sequence as a tool to help you to find and maintain your alignment, or                                                 change your State:  physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually... 

The Sequence is now available for downloading here.

The Alignment Sequence is a powerful way 

for you to 

soothe and organize yourself

internally and externally, 

for greater congruence and authenticity 

of body, mind, emotion, will and spirit.  

Use it to change your energetic set points,

 changing your life for the better.

Please see the DVD Liner Notes for some more in-depth information.

Designed to integrate and enliven the whole body, 

the Sequence has segments for every area of the body.  

Based on Brigit's experience with:


***Qi Gong, 


***bodywork principles and techniques, 

***grandfather's morning routine,

***and embryological developmental principles, 

she designed this Sequence for her own and clients' regular use.  

Brigit has been teaching it internationally for decades, 

and has now created this new (second edition) recording.

Thorough enough for experienced bodyworkers and healers, 

yet gentle and adaptable for movement novices, 

everybody will find something of benefit.  

Note:  each segment can be used individually, repeatedly, for home self-care.  You can benefit, for example, from using the Intro and Arms chapters for rehabilitation and/or prevention of neck, shoulder, arm and hand issues, or the Legs chapter for grounding and lower body energetic rehabilitation.

What People Are Saying About Using the Alignment Sequence:

The Sequence is actually a shamanic tool for soul (part or whole) retrieval.  

Using it regularly calls me into my power, regulates my autonomics, 

and reinforces advances I make in my therapeutic work with myself.   --AM

I chose to use the Sequence to prepare for my visit with President Obama!  

I had used it a lot already, 

and knew that it would help me with grounding, thank you. --R

I have been doing the DVD in the evenings, and find the movements comfortable and easy to follow.  

After completing the Sequence, I feel very relaxed and limber, and most important to me, 

my blood pressure is significantly lower.  

The combination of the movements, soothing narration, 
the lovely beach scene and blissful sound of the surf all contribute to a very relaxing experience.  Better than Calgon!

Your hand sequence created the first noticeable shift for my body.  
When I started, I was not able to easily make a tight fist with my left hand.  
Now I can.  Also, after using your Alignment Sequence DVD for a few months, my joints are not as noisy.  
The stillness/meditation section is so peaceful.  
I love using it to lead me into my meditation practice. 
Using your DVD from the Bahamas is like a personal visit we share each day, thanks.  
On the days I do not play with the Alignment Sequence, 
I seem to have less energy and slower movement.  
I have recommended your DVD and classes to several of my massage clients.
-- Philomena Queen, LMT   Queen's Care Massage Therapy LLC

I so appreciate having this as a mindfulness/embodiment resource 

for my massage and biodynamic craniosacral clients! -- Lucia Mercer  BCST®, LMT, SEP

My 2 1/2 year-old daughter and I are much more relaxed and flexible 

after doing the Alignment Sequence together.         -- Gillian Powers, M.Ac., L.Ac.

I feel physically energized and emotionally calmer after completing the Alignment Sequence.
-- Nancy H., Psychiatric Social Worker, Washington, DC 

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