Maintain Alignment

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This feedback is from in-person individual sessions before March 2020. Alchemical Constellations feedback coming soon. 

The gift of the stillness of your mind. This is a tremendous gift to be receiving. I have been fortunate enough to be able to become more and more clear and obtain this gift through my work with Brigit. In only 7-8 sessions, my mind has literally become more and more quiet. You know that feeling when you are on top of the mountain and everything feels like you are a part of it and it is a part of you all at the same time. Well that is literally the feeling I am starting to experience during my everyday activities. There have been occasions when I am in the middle of feeding my kids dinner and everything just quiets down and the chatter just stops in my head telling me I need to do this and that and I am actually a part of their happiness. It is a beautiful gift to be given and I am thankful to Brigit every day for giving me more and more of these moments!!

I have worked with a Buddhist monk and somatic therapists in the past and no one has been able to help me get to this state as quickly as Brigit. In one session she helped me get through my worst fear. It was INCREDIBLE! I feel it is truly because she is so innovative and brilliant by integrating the best of what we can get from several disciplines into a unique experience that truly does align you internally and externally so you feel connected to everything around you. -- LG

Gut response:  We are all survivors of trauma. I've learned through years of body-centered psychotherapy that healing can occur without being re-traumatized. So I've been very careful to work with practitioners whose work resonates with this understanding. 

The work of Brigit Viksnins embodies this truth. My years of work with her have offered so many experiences of healing, soothing, and movement through some old and very stuck places in my body and my heart. I believe Brigit hears the stories my tissues have to tell and just by acknowledging them, invites transformation and recovery. 

Just recently, an 18 year old physical wound from a procedure to drain a post-operative pelvic abscess was screaming (with pain) to be heard during a session. We turned our attention to this place of trauma and with so much gentleness and acceptance, this wound was able to be heard in a new way. I knew my body was still holding the energetics of the procedure the doctors used that saved my life, but I didn't know the depth of the experience that still resided within me. The scarring had left my pelvis feeling a bit like cement. In that one session, the cement was transformed back to flexible healthy tissue, able to move with the rest of me effortlessly. 

Our tissues have so much to tell us about what matters. Brigit brings a loving attention that seems to assure them that it's safe to tell their stories and that what is possible on the other side is so much more joyful.

Gentle, compassionate, and so willing to be present to the inexplicable wonders present within us, Brigit is a special healer whose intention is truly pure. -- BJ

(To be clear, Brigit's modality is not labeled "body-centered psychotherapy" -- the client was describing her past experience elsewhere. -BV)

In my 30 years of work in the healing arts, rarely have I experienced the wisdom, generous listening and skill that Brigit brings to a session.  Her innate knowing of the human body on all its levels and her ability to access the most vulnerable places with exquisite integrity allow for healing and transformation on the deepest levels. I'm honored to have her in my life. -- Vera Lawrence, RCST®, BPT, LMT  

Over 40 years of living with a difficult back creates skill in finding the best of bodyworkers.  For me, Brigit ranks at the top of the list.  She is extremely knowledgeable, comprehensively cross-trained and unusually skilled.  Beyond that, she adds a rare dimension to her talent in the physiological level of work.  By virtue of who she is and what she understands and commits to personally and professionally, she helps clients to feel safe exploring deep areas of tenderness and confusion that emerge during the sessions;  moving through that, she assists with the incorporation of that material into a stronger and more flexible whole personhood, at a level of integration substantially beyond what I have achieved with others in this field.  Brigit has my highest recommendation and most heartfelt gratitude. -- Tenzin Lhamo

It's hard to know where to begin in telling you about how I've been impacted by Brigit's work.  She's gifted in so many different modalities that it would take pages to talk about each one individually.  You can rest assured that the work you receive in a session with Brigit will be intuitively guided, profoundly inspired and lovingly provided.  In my own experience, Brigit's work has supported me through crisis, hospitalization and surgery in ways that have brought about and enhanced healing so that I now enjoy greater well being than I have in years.  I look forward to working with her in the years to come in familiar ways like massage and craniosacral work, and also in new, innovative treatments that she will bring into her practice.  You don't have to wait or make an appointment to experience her work for yourself.  Try it right now by purchasing and downloading her videos. -- FT

Brigit's work helps me to regain my access to the reserve of light and stillness within, and allows me to focus on the expansion of alignment and full-body-integration.  After each session with her, I have re-tuned myself to a point of centered calm, and find that even in the stresses of daily life, these effects last longer and longer with each session and repeated practice.  She has a lovely gift of intuition and an ability to help me both acknowledge the safety of limits, and access the gift of limitlessness. -- TJ

My phone sessions with Brigit have been a powerful force for positive change in my life.  If you are energetically sensitive, you can immediately feel the healing and transformation happening.  Always I felt safe and cared for although she was hundreds of miles away. -- CL

After a recommendation from a friend, I checked out Brigit for her broad range of bodywork.  I was drawn to her work for some reason beyond words.  Beyond words is how I describe the experience. Subtle dances of energies I felt through the experience. Subtle yet important changes in my life - in how I face by life - is how I describe the result. It felt akin to other energy work I've done in the past but qualitatively different, deeper, more all-encompassing. -- AM

One look into Brigit's face and you'll understand why it is a face capable of launching a thousand healing techniques and modalities.  Brigit's face glows.  She's always happy to see her clients;  more importantly, she's grateful to heal them.  I am a no-nonsense woman with little patience for New Age jargon, but Brigit offers her expertise in so many down-to-earth, genuine ways, you can't help but be won over . . . and healed.  She is the real deal. How lucky I am to be one of her long-term clients! -- SA

After only the brief encounter with Brigit through this experience, I was left with a certain sense of Brigit as deeply grounded, centered, highly skilled, and loving. Safe hardly bespeaks the aura she carries and exudes.  -- AS

Brigit has successfully blended knowledge, training and a personal gift to deliver the most healing body realignment that I have ever experienced.  Her command of how the body is constructed and how each piece aligns for perfect harmony is amazing.  I do everything Brigit recommends and I feel great!  -- ES